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18 Jun

The music is everywhere

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My undergraduate degree is in Music Education. When I was student teaching my discipline for the class was setup on a rewards system (I was k5-5th grade). The class had "m-u-s-i-c" written on the board and would lose a letter if I needed to discipline for a particular reason. The reward was a star at the end of class and 1 point for each letter that remained on the board, with a bonus 5 points if no letters were removed. Basically it served as a competition. I told them that the class from each age group with the most points at the end of the month would get a special prize.

11 Jan

Music technology for pedagoy

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During my Undergraduate degree music ed majors were required each semester to take an instrument class. At first I thought the idea was great. I would choose an instrument that I had no previous experience with and learn the basics in that instrument, maybe pick up a new instrument along the way. In reality I didn't like the classes at all for a few reasons. First my school had the grand idea that you learn theses instruments with the intent to be "prepared" to teach these instruments to beginning students.

17 Dec

The intersection of technological advancement and achievement

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We live in a time of change, an intersection of technological advancement and achievement. During such times there is often a tendency for people to take sides. On the one side you have the people embracing the change and on the other you have people clinging to the old ways. Sometimes it is fun to see the two worlds clash and other times it is outright painful.

04 Dec

The iPhone as a music instrument

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Wired is reporting on the use of iPhones as instruments (see the video below). This is a really neat idea to me. First it goes beyond just the simple playback of notes. In this concert sounds are actually manipulated through the various sensors of the iPhone. The article notes the various sensors (touchscreen, microphone, compass, accelerometer).

30 Nov

Practice Rooms

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I remember in college fighting over different practice rooms in the fine arts building. This was never a perfect system, in fact, it was downright aweful. Some people would park themselves in a practice room for hours at a time. At other times you would have to fight with brass groups or just that annoying trumpeter practicing the same high note for 2 hours straight. Of course there were coveted rooms. Not necessarily because there was anything all that special, but it varied for the reasons.